Your heritage trip to Germany

Ever wondered where your roots lie?

When you are from Canada or the USA, you are very likely to have ancestors from other countries. Nowadays, many of you are digging and looking for documents to see where your family used to live before they embarked a ship (or even a plane already) to make their dream of living in the New World come true. It is the new trend now for people from the US and Canada to find out more about their specific family heritage and some even decide to make the trip of their lifetime to visit the places their ancestors used to roam.


We can see pictures of friends on social media standing in front of a place or even house where their family actually used to live, and we enjoy seeing the big smiles and little tears of gratitude to finally find out more about one’s heritage. Knowing about your roots and going to the places of yore can give you an amazing insight on your family, the era when they left their home country and reasons for leaving, and this experience might actually help you in pursuing your journey to your own identity. Knowing where you come from will help you to identify with the language, religion, rituals, even temperament of your ancestors and may help you understand yourself a little better.

As we as a family emigrated to Canada from Germany not long ago we understand the importance of knowing your roots, and we also understand that it isn’t always easy to maintain the language or certain rituals of your home country inside the family. You may still use some words that indicate your heritage, but only few are actually still bilingual after a few generations.


Since we are from Germany and have lived North and South, East and West, we have bonds in nearly every direction of the country. We know that it can be tedious – and because of the language barrier even scary – to get in touch with organizations or hotels or anything you might need for your heritage trip in Germany. We cannot help you with finding your roots but there are many service providers and companies that very professional to find out where your roots lie.

Brandenburger Tor

If you decide to go on that trip and to see where your ancestors lived and you need someone who can get in touch with the towns, churches, places to stay etc – or even family members! – for you, we are there to help you. We would like to be the connection between you and your roots, so that you can reconnect with your heritage yourself.

Guten Tag, wie geht’s? – Guten Tag, danke, gut! Und Ihnen?

Maybe you would feel much more comfortable to go on your trip to Germany when you speak some conversational German? We would love to coach you so that you can incorporate the level of speaking, listening, reading and writing that you would like to have! It’ll be fun and you will get in touch with people much more easily when starting a conversation with only a few words of German. Ask us for a trial lesson online and find your German voice.

Castle Schwerin

But what if you really don’t have the time or the financial means or any other issues to go on a trip to Germany? You could still go to one of the most „German“ towns in Canada – the beautiful town of Lunenburg in Nova Scotia! This is where we decided to live and can truly acknowledge the German heritage in this place. As a matter of fact the Christmas season has started, and the Christmas markets and festivals in Lunenburg are legendary. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and get into the „Weihnachts“-feeling!

Lunenburg Band stand



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