Québec Ice Cider Recipe by RV Lighthouse

Québec apple ice cider vinegar chicken recipe
Québec ice cider vinegar chicken recipe by RV Lighthouse

On our RV trip through Québec we stayed at the lovely Ile d’Orléans near the stunning Québec-City. We stopped at one of the 30 famous cider houses of the province to taste the original, delicious ice cider. The cold winters create the superb conditions for the production of ice cider. This is a real treat! You will love the fruity, caramel and honey aromas.


When you are in Québec, you have to stop at the cider houses and taste the ice apple or pear cider.


Get the flavour and the elegant flair of Québec into your house with our delicious, complimentary ICE CIDER VINEGAR CHICKEN recipe as our Christmas treat for you! The chicken together with the ice cider vinegar makes your dinner an utterly tasty experience. But don’t worry, it is an easy recipe, you won’t have to spend much time in the kitchen! (But everybody else will think you did!)


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